Vasilii Kolobkov

Computers make for a nice company in mapping out the world, be it a personal computer, or a networked bunch. The current chapter of that journey is about organizing and searching for information. Other areas close to my heart are: build systems—as a means to making software more accessible—and integration projects—to connect and reuse disparate pieces.

Email:, WWW:

Citizenship: Estonian and ashamedly Russian.

Languages: English, Russian, and a bit of German.

Professional experience

Unless stated otherwise, the following are contract jobs done in a remote setting.


Haskell, LISP (Elisp, some Scheme), C, JavaScript (node.js, react.js, TypeScript); OpenBSD, some Linux experience, and whatever is in POSIX.


2012 Algorithms: Design & Analysis part 1 by prof. Tim Roughgarden, Coursera MOOC

2000-2006 Specialist in CS at State University of Information Techonologies, Mechanics, and Optics, Saint-Petersburg, Russia


My most practical, if modest, contribution to the computing community are token patches to mmh, LibreSSL, and ii.