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Subject Date
Handle errors in BSD's <err.h> vein 08/02/2017
... except exec 08/01/2017
Pledge to not play tricks 08/01/2017
Do away with stowing responses away to disk 07/16/2017
Offset parse tree pointers when switching to cache storage 07/08/2017
Up the source read timeout to 2 minutes 04/28/2017
Mention optional arguments in usage message 07/17/2016
Add bold public domain waiver, tipped by beastie 07/04/2016
Add README - good call, staseg 07/04/2016
Fix reference to uint32_t in shades, hats off to EXL 07/04/2016
Make TE_PARSE stand out a bit more 06/07/2016
Fix error order 06/07/2016
Fix literal chunks comparison 06/05/2016
Redirect sink's output to standard error 06/04/2016
Fix processing sink termination 06/03/2016
Fix figuring out buffer read length 06/03/2016
Spell todos right 06/03/2016
Write down thoughts on possible improvements 06/03/2016
Add install and uninstall make targets 06/03/2016
Clarify manual on sink invokation 06/03/2016
Fix example hostname 06/03/2016
React properly to BYE greetings 06/03/2016
Wipe credentials off of environment after use 06/03/2016
Start sink up by Bernstein chaining 06/03/2016
Dump explicit UCSPI calling convention support 06/03/2016
Write manual 06/03/2016
Freeze credential keys 06/02/2016
Allow to be invoked by UCSPI client 06/02/2016
Move mail in batches of 10 05/30/2016
Take arguments 05/30/2016
Make parser internal window as long as its buffer 05/30/2016
Store mail en route under /tmp 05/30/2016
Make all symbol buffers page long 05/29/2016
Draft message plumbing 05/29/2016
Don't tread on critical parser errors 05/28/2016
First backup, then unmap when tearing down parser 05/28/2016
Send user-supplied data in literal strings 05/27/2016
Ditch quoted message decoding 05/26/2016
Fetch, delete, rinse and repeat 05/26/2016
I definitely don't want any object code in here 05/24/2016
Mark off EXPUNGE and FETCH responses 05/24/2016
Keep the object code out 05/24/2016
Get at ease running commands 05/24/2016
Don't clobber errors in SELECT 05/22/2016
Refactor command handling in lieu of fetches cached to disk 05/22/2016
Keep session state up-to-date 05/21/2016
Cleanup parser context after use 05/21/2016
Dig capabilities whenever present in result response 05/21/2016
Make 'all' phony 05/21/2016
Add makefile 05/21/2016
Carry out session setup and tear down 05/20/2016
Pull off parsing given at least one storage medium 05/15/2016
Index literals explicitly 05/13/2016
Parse input online 05/13/2016
Save the extra bytes for a better use 05/06/2016
Fix child iteration when printing interior nodes 05/03/2016
Sync literals in shades 05/03/2016
Add parser shades - parser testbed 05/03/2016
Parse message data responses 04/29/2016
Cut parsing noise 04/29/2016
Extract parser public interface 04/27/2016
Flesh out mailbox productions 04/25/2016
Draft parse tree 04/25/2016
Once upon a time... 04/24/2016