git clone


Subject Date
Do git-diff-tree's with --root option to work for initial commits as well 01/15/2019
Do a readme 01/15/2019
Add stylesheet 01/15/2019
Dump colons from page titles 01/15/2019
Add headers to log and readme pages 01/15/2019
Expand tabs when displaying text files 01/15/2019
Put a css class on file line anchors 01/15/2019
Mark off +/- in the stats summary with zeal 01/15/2019
Fix hunk and diff headers 01/15/2019
Shoehorn commit body into a <p> 01/15/2019
Print subject and body on commit pages 01/15/2019
Make page titles consistent 01/14/2019
Dump <pre>'s in directory listings and elsewhere 01/14/2019
Display 'git clone ...' line in the header 01/14/2019
Shuffle options around 01/14/2019
Directory headers go in <h2> 01/14/2019
Try not to output any superfluous line breaks within <pre>s 01/14/2019
Add link to css stylesheet 01/14/2019
Mark adds and deletes in patches 01/14/2019
Show commit log 01/14/2019
Oops, new line 01/14/2019
Show contents of text files 01/14/2019
Have a second take on traversing repository tree 01/13/2019
Write file tree skeleton 01/11/2019
Fix readme link 01/11/2019
Show contents of readmes for starters 01/11/2019