git clone


Subject Date
Pass all the arguments to rc(1) set through 01/10/2019
Pass all the arguments through to to useradd(1) 01/10/2019
Add README 01/02/2019
Check whether package installation succeeded with 'pkg_info' 12/31/2018
Install OpenBSD packages 12/31/2018
Release under GPLv3+ 12/27/2018
Having syspatch here wasn't such a great idea, recoup 12/24/2018
Run syspatch. Move OpenBSD specific steps to 'steps/obsd' 12/24/2018
Change file modes 12/24/2018
Don't garble existing crontab entries 12/22/2018
End crontab lines with \n 12/22/2018
Check whether file is available and create one if not 12/22/2018
Stick with format_crontab_ln name 12/22/2018
Schedule tasks with cron 12/22/2018
Set rc daemon's variables 12/22/2018
Omit user when installing crontab entries with crontab(1) 12/19/2018
Restart rc daemons 12/19/2018
s/dump/dumb/ 12/19/2018
Let edit steps stay in current directory 12/19/2018
Escape % in format string 12/19/2018
User proper step for edit_overrideln alias 12/19/2018
Name aliases as <module>_<name> 12/19/2018
Call 'newaliases' if smtpd service is running 12/19/2018
Override lines 12/19/2018
Rename addfln to appendfln 12/19/2018
Create users on OpenBSD 12/19/2018
Default to '-o root -g wheel -m 0600' when installing files 12/19/2018
Check if file exists before checking content 12/18/2018
Check smptd configuration files 12/18/2018
Schedule certificate refresh with acme-client 12/16/2018
Request X.509 certificates with acme-client 12/16/2018
Yi, er, san - the server becomes one! 12/15/2018